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Established with a passion for fashion and a love for music, Al Zubair Co was born from the idea that self-expression knows no boundaries.

Traditional Tartan Kilt 5 Yard, Kilt 8 Yard, Kilt 13OZ, Kilt 16OZ, Visitor/Basic Kilt, Kilt Package, Utility Kilt, Ladies Kilt, Child Kilt, Bagpipe made of Rosewood and Blackwood, Practice Chanter, Bagpipe Silk and Woolen Drone Cord, Bombard Chanter, Balmorals Hat, Glengarry Cap, Tam O Shanter, Prince Charlie Jackets, Argyll Jacket, Piper Drummer Doublets, Waist Belt, Cross Belt, Buckles, Kilt Pin, Kilt Belt, Plaid Brooch, Piper Fly Plaids, Horse Hair Sporrans, Hoses (Socks), Ghillie Brogues, Diced Hose Tops, Sgain Dubhs, Dirks, Drum Major Mace, Musical Instruments and many more. 


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We Made Your Memories

Immerse yourself in a world of musical enchantment with our curated selection of musical goods and Custom Tartan Items.

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Al zubair Co

Explore our collection of skirts that are designed to make you feel as good as you look. From flirty minis to elegant maxis, our skirts are crafted with care to suit every occasion and style.

The exceptional style for the new Divas

Immerse yourself in a world of musical enchantment with our curated selection of musical goods. From instruments that serenade the soul to accessories that strike the right chord, we offer a symphony of choices for musicians and music lovers alike.

A style that defines your personality

We seamlessly blend the world of fashion and music to offer you a unique shopping experience.


At Al Zubair Co, we believe that fashion and music can harmoniously coexist with environmental responsibility.


At Al Zubair Co, we prioritize quality as the cornerstone of our brand.